Makita AC001 Review

Makita AC001One of the latest additions to Makitas ever growing product line, the AC001 is clearly targeted at the home DIY enthusiast. I say that because even at 90 PSI, max CFM is a meager .45. In other words, it doesn’t have the power to suit the needs of anybody else.

If that’s all your after, however, there is a lot to like. Makita’s a reliable name, it’s one of the smallest compressors that I’ve ever used, and it’s also very easy on the ears. It also reminds me a whole lot of last months compressor tested, the Rolair AB5.

As always, I’ll start with the admittedly weak specs.


Featuring a 1 horse power motor and a 1 gallon tank, the AC001 promises a max PSI of 125. Turning it up that high however leads to a drop in CFM. And that means, you’ll be sticking to 90 PSI for most jobs.

This means that it will handle small nailers, perhaps even some very small finishing work. Anything with higher power needs, however, is largely ruled out.

If you follow this blog, you’re likely to notice the similarities to the Rolair AB5. They’re both roughly the same price and size. In terms of CFM however, the AB5 comes out on top with .7 as opposed to .5.


The primary selling points of the AC001 are always going to be size and sound. Starting with portability, it scores full marks. The single gallon tank keeps the weight at 23 pounds and the dimensions at 13 x 15 x 11.

In other words, outside of tire inflators, it doesn’t get any more portable. I also liked the neat rectangular shape and well designed handle which only add further to ease of use.

Comparing to the AB5 again, it’s two pounds lighter.

Noise Emission

Noise emission is an impressive 72 decibels. That’s 4 decibels louder than the Rolair AB5 but still well below the industry average. It also adds further to the compressors appeal as a primarily indoors machine.


The AC001 is oil free so maintenance is basically limited to keeping it clean and not dropping it. Makita are also well known for good customer support levels so if anything does go wrong, you should be able to get it rectified in no time.


The AC001 is a relatively new addition to Makitas product line and customer reviews are therefore hard to find. It has a total of 4 on Amazon, a total of 2 on Home Depot. Makita is a very strong brand name however, and most of their products do go on to score highly with customers. I therefore wouldn’t worry too much about the fact at the time of writing, this machine is largely unproven.


The AC001 is a respectable attempt by Makita and a product that I expect to prove popular among those who buy it. Unfortunately, it’s low power levels haven’t been matched by a low price tag. And it’s $170 price tag makes it impossible not to compare it to last months AB5.

Opinions may vary, but I think the AB5 just about comes out on top. It’s also worth noting that both are overpriced. The Senco PC1010 for examples, blows them both out of the water in terms of power and can be had for $40 cheaper.

Both these facts render the Makita a poor purchase in my opinion. If you want more power, order the Senco. If you’re happy with the power and place more importance on noise emission, order the Rolair AB5. Or if you disagree….

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