California Air Tools CAT-6310 Review

California CAT-6310Up until one week ago, my compressor of choice was the Senco PC1010. It’s portable, reliable, and gives you 125 PSI for just under 120 dollars.

This week however, I tested the California Air Tools CAT-6310. And, well, let’s just say I won’t be using my Senco again any time soon.

The CAT-6310 isn’t any smaller than the PC1010. At 125 PSI, it isn’t any more powerful either. It does however do one thing perfectly; it powers air tools at under 60 decibels.

California Air Tools have invented an air compressor that’s quieter than a hair dryer. And if that’s not worth 160 dollars, I don’t know what is.


In terms of power, the CAT-6310 is perfect for DIY jobs at home but sadly, doesn’t belong in a professional garage. At 125 PSI, it’ll power most small tools but will struggle with some tools such as larger paint sprayers.

The six gallon tank also means that you’ll be limited in how long you can power anything without having to recharge. The good news however is that when you do need to refill, you’ll only be waiting around 90 seconds.

If you’re looking for something more powerful, California Air Tools do make larger compressors and from what I’ve read, they’re just as quiet. The CAT1010-20, in particular, looks impressive.


As I mentioned earlier, this is where the compressor really shines. You can use it by night without your neighbours complaining. You can use it in the kitchen and still have a conversation with someone.

One thing I should note however is that it’s not silent. It’s quiet by a compressors standard but don’t expect to start using next to somebody sleeping or anything. California Air Tools aren’t quite that good yet.


For round the house jobs, you don’t want to be lugging something heavy from room to room and this is another area in which the CAT-6310 shines. It’s not the smallest compressor on the market, but it is surprisingly light, weighing just 49 pounds.

It only has one handle, but it’s well designed and easy to hold. The wheel on the bottom, while strictly unnecessary, is also a nice addition.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had mine for less than a week so commenting on durability isn’t feasible yet. So far, so good however and this is something that’s been echoed in customer reviews.

The oil free pump system also means that it won’t require regular maintenance. I will update this review in six months time with further information.

Customer Reviews

Being a reasonably new product, the CAT-6310 has only been reviewed 44 times on Amazon. 37 of those reviews however awarded it the full five stars. Most people love it for the same reason that I do, its ultra quiet operation.

In conclusion, if your needs match my own, I think the CAT-6310 is the only logical purchase. It offers all the power and durability of similarly priced models with only a fraction of the noise.

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