EDMBG New Review


If you’re on the market for a decent air compressor, you can generally expect to pay at least one hundred dollars. Throw a grinders or a sander into the mix, and you can expect to double that. But what

Makita AC001 Review

Makita AC001

One of the latest additions to Makitas ever growing product line, the AC001 is clearly targeted at the home DIY enthusiast. I say that because even at 90 PSI, max CFM is a meager .45. In other words, it

VIAIR 85P Review


Choosing an air compressor is never easy. For those new to the subject, learning the difference between PSI and CFM takes time. And even for old hands, choosing the right model for a personal tool set

Rolair AB5 Review

Rolair AB5

Last month, I purchased the highly impressive JC10. Today I’ll be talking about another Rolair product, the AB5.

I wanted to test this compressor for two reasons.

First off, the JC10 was my first

Rolair JC10 Review

Rolair JC10

First established over 50 years ago, Rolair are far from a new company. Despite this fact, up until last month I had honestly never heard of them. There’s no shortage of big names in the air compressor

Senco PC1131 Review

Senco PC1131

The PC1131 by Senco is a surprisingly compact compressor promising 100 PSI at 4.4 GPM. This translates to a reasonable amount of power for most household applications.

At $200, it’s also nothing if

Dewalt DWFP55126 Review

Dewalt DWFP55126

First established in 1936, Dewalt have slowly established themselves as a producer of ultra reliable power tools. They have a number of air compressors on the market, but today I’ll be talking about

Dewalt D55146 Review

Dewalt D55146

Dewalt have been building air compressors for decades now and over the years, they’ve developed a pretty solid reputation. One of their most popular products, the D55146, promises a max PSI of 200 and

Dewalt D55168 Review

Dewalt D55168

When it comes to powering air tools, one of the problems that I run into again and again is the trade off between power and size.

The most powerful compressors are borderline stationary. The smallest